TRENDS 2013 | Rebuildssance | New Culturalism | Avatar Days

TEXITURA is one of the leading international magazines specializing in trends for pattern designs. Edition number 48 shows some of my patterns, intended for the next year (fashion, home decorations, stationary). Below you can see the advanced trends for 2013 proposed by Texitura.

REBUILDSSANCE is the happiest trend of the three. It builds on world a better place, it summons each one of us to work for what we believe in, to be idealistic, to collaborate, to go beyond our us. This trend puts in our hands the tools to, starting out from the forgotten, the thrown away, things that don’t need to have a direct appeal, create a new direction for design, a pacific, non-intrusive, loving and beautiful movement. The key term for this trend is pastiche, defined as a medley of expression using the expressions of as many others as one may wish pasted together.
NEW CULTURALISM leads the way to an elegant and personal approach to the product market. As years go by in this globalized world, we have grown used to see many multinational brands blossom in each corner of our cities. Up to certain moment it was just enough to distinguish yourself for the brand name you represented, but now the only way to succeed is to blend with your surroundings, to offer a product designed directly for the customer, in a one-to-one experience, and this is a geographical and cultural-dependent product. Designers are summoned to develop patterns that belong to the culture and society they represent. In order to create, one must first delve into a certain way of living, a specific cultural environment, not necessarily his or own, to then proceed to blend in his or her own personal information and, this way, create a personal and full of meaning cultural artifact.
AVATAR DAYS is the strongest trend of this year in regards to colors and ideas. It is also the most futuristic. The trend is based on the main idea that in order to live happy, we need to live together, and understand otherness. Even if they are alien to us, there are other ways of living and different people might feel different feelings about the same thing, let’s not despise any other person because of his or her differences, let’s admire every one because everyone has things to teach, and most of all, let’s try to understand the “bad guys” because they might feel they are doing the right thing. Mirrors and shadows are key features of this trend. They are there to remain us that each one of us is not a simple person. We are all accompanied by many others selves.