Meet Designer Wagner Campelo
Michelle Salz-Smith |  April 2010
Originally published at Alluminare’s blog

Meet World-Class Designer Wagner Campelo.
Wagner hails from Rio and is one of the very talented surface pattern designers featured here on Alluminare.  He lends his talents to create three incredible patterns from which to choose.  From a sensuous floral to a baroque tile inspired repeat and eclectic tribal design, each pattern provides limitless customizable possibilities for a pillow, lamp, wallpaper, or pendant.  We had the opportunity to meet with Wagner to see what makes him tick and we came away inspired.  We think you will too…

Where do you look or go for inspiration?
Inspiration for me can be anywhere: drawings, paintings, photos, movies, books, music… but I admit that the colors and shapes of nature (especially the nature of the tropics) has been an inexhaustible source for many of my designs. But I also believe that the source of inspiration must be somehow related to the objective to be achieved: when I have to follow certain trends there is no escaping “something inspiring” on the topic to be explored. 

Where do you imagine your designs seen here on Alluminare? On what kind of products in what kinds of rooms?
I think my prints, depending on the colors and dimensions, work in any environment and on any product — this is the the great thing about Alluminare — but I can give some suggestions:
I think that pillows patterned with SAMBA (a version with bold and contrasting colors) can add fun and happiness to a living room with neutral tones. But the same pattern (in a version with similar and softer colors) can be used to decorate and contrast with a  living room with more striking colors.
I like the pattern CARIOCA, especially as a custom wallpaper. With soft tones of blue and green, a bedroom can become a more comfortable and quiet place. Moreover, the same wallpaper with vibrant colors can be a focal point in an environment where the other walls are in soft colors.
The diagonal pattern AMAZONIA, can be very interesting as a custom fabric on roman window shades and pendant lights, particularly if they are customized with a smaller size print.  

What is your favorite color to design with right now?
I don’t have ONE favorite color; I like all colors and the possibility of combining them. In this case, I like to mix pure colors and neutral colors in order to find some balance, but that depends on the project. However, if I had to choose just one color, I would choose a color between blue and green. 

What is your idea of a perfect day where you live?
I live in Rio and here it is summer for almost the entire year. Interestingly, I don’t like the excessive heat typical of Rio, and I prefer mildly sunny days (fresh days). The ideal days for me are the days of winter (our tropical winter is like spring time in the northern hemisphere). So my perfect day would be in the “winter” riding on the Botanical Garden of Rio, which is an amazing place with plants from around the world, a piece of paradise in the middle of town which stretches to the mountains covered by rain forest.  

What don’t you leave home without?
I don’t leave home without my digital camera.  As an amateur photographer I’m always in search of subjects (or scenes) that would serve me in the future, or I shoot just for the pleasure of photographing.

What do you love most about your designs?
What pleases me most in surface design is the versatility that the prints and patterns may have. The choice of an appropriate size and color can make any pattern work very well for a multitude of objectives and products. For my designs, I like to create patterns and prints that combine shapes and colors, in a simple language, graphic and cheerful.

What is the feature or favorite part of your home?
I live on the 15th floor of an apartment building and the balcony is one of my favorite parts of my home. From my terrace I can see the landscape, the contrast and the fusion between the forest and the city, nature and urban, the green of the jungle and gray of the buildings…

Where do you see yourself a year from now?
A year from now I think I will know more about my work because this year I’m studying a postgraduate course in print & pattern design. Probably a year from now I will continue to work in my home office doing what I love best: creating prints and patterns.

What famous designer would you love chat with?
I would love to talk to Maurits Cornelis Escher (if he were still alive). Actually he’s not a designer, but a renowned Dutch graphic artist who I admire greatly. Escher’s work with patterns is magnificent. The originality and inventiveness of his work always impresses me every time I see his amazing compositions.

What about your designs makes you the happiest?
Working in a profession that I like is a joy for me. I can devote to the design, colors, prints and still make money which is very good. Besides, I like to believe that my work serves to make the world more beautiful. I could not wish for a better job than this.

Thank you Wagner!  You can read more of Wagner’s profile here and see his blog here.